Minggu, 07 Juli 2013

nokia secret revealed Zeiss lens

nokia eos there is no longer expected. This is the latest lumia smartphone with 41 megapixel camera. welcome the presence of the new mobile phone, nokia uncover the secrets behind the past Zeiss lens video show something.

in the show, displayed too much power leaked lumia 925 camera which has been released in the beginning. pass this video, it appears that Nokia pingin build its image as a technology leader in mobile phone camera.
nokia secret revealed Zeiss lens

since 2005, the mobile phone camera which uses Zeiss lenses just lined smartphone nokia, lumia 925 counted. Our pingin shows why we use Zeiss, says the record submitted nokia in description of the video, written like Softpedia, Saturday (07/06/2013).

not only PureView 41 megapixel camera, which reportedly eos nokia lumia 1020 can be called when launched, was also carrying the latest camera applications. the presence of this series itself is indeed to be the talk since all this time.

at first, have been circulating the leaked specifications of this phone. not only armed with a powerful camera, Nokia will also be armed eos hd + display with oled screen size of 4. 5-inch, dual-core processor, lte connectivity, operating system windows phone 8 and 32GB internal memory.

competition which offer smartphones capable camera indeed increasingly fierce in the market. recently, shocking the public with the launch samsung galaxy s4 zoom. This is a smartphone with the power of a 10x optical zoom. eos nokia sliding time later, the competition must be more exciting.

The following video below that shows pride nokia about Zeiss lenses.